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Contractor Management: Your Health and Safety Obligations

The Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) states that “Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking” (PCBU) are responsible for the health and safety of all workers.  A worker includes those working for contractors and sub-contractors. 

The use of contractors throughout industries is common within New Zealand. Many companies turn to contractors to complement their staff. They are also used for specialist tasks, often involving hazardous activities. 

To work safely and to safeguard the integrity of your business, it is essential to ensure that contractors are qualified and competent to perform the tasks they are undertaking as well as knowledge and understanding of the risks associated with these activities.  

Contractor Pre-Qualification

Health & safety pre-qualification is a vital step in the overall process of selecting, engaging and managing contractors. Potential contractors are assessed to ensure they are committed to safety, have good systems to back up this commitment and can work safely in practice.

The SHE PREQUAL Solution

  • Best practice contractor pre-qualification that exceeds minimum health and safety compliance requirements

  • Consistent and effective shared services for contractor pre-qualification

  • Provides participating Councils’ contractors and sub-contractors with a standardized health and safety pre-qualification scheme


About us.

SHE PREQUAL provides Contractor Pre-Qualification evaluation services, measured against 45001 and best practice standards.  Our long-term partnership builds on providing excellent service to our contractors, working with you to continuously improve your Health & Safety process.

Our customers are people with responsibility for management of HS in the workplace whether you are a sole trader, small business or a larger complex or dispersed operation.

We are qualified and established specialists in our field who are trusted and good to work with, as proven by our customer loyalty and rapid growth.