SHE PreQual Totika Registration 

Registration Process

Before you register there are a few things you need to do first.

  1. You need to retrieve your NZ Business Number, if you don't have a NZ Business Number you will need to create one
  2. You will need to register with Tōtika as a supplier / contractor if you have not done so already
  3. Finally, complete our categories form in order to determine which category is best suited for your situation.


Find your category and register

Completing the categories form above will lead directly to the registration form - which will have your correct category pre-selected, but if you already know your NZ Business number, are registered with Tōtika, and know the correct category, you can click the registration link below to skip straight to the registration form. 

Registration Form 

SHE PreQual Totika Pricing

Pricing for SHE PreQual Totika Pricing - (GST Exclusive)

Price Validity
Sole Trader $280.00 Every 2 years
Category 1 $450.00 Every 2 years
Category 2 $949.00 Annually
Category 3 $1,459.00 Annually


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